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What Is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is termed as an advanced version of Bitcoin which is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. When Bitcoin’s scalability issue was rising, developers came up with the feature called as “Segregated Witness” (SegWit) to overcome scalability issues. However, with this feature, crypto users were not satisfied and later the concept of Bitcoin Cash was introduced in 2017.
Ultimately, the transaction capacity of Bitcoin increased to eight times. It is a hard change in Bitcoin blockchain technology as after that the existing protocols were fully changed. The system is fully decentralized, autonomous and there is no central authority as third parties are not involved with Bitcoin Cash.

What makes Bitcoin Cash distinctive from Bitcoin Core?

Bitcoin Cash is an open-source code while Bitcoin Core doesn’t take this into an account. In fact, it is a permission-free network while Bitcoin needs permission to execute transactions.
The transactions have been faster and more reliable with the Bitcoin Cash while Bitcoin Core is slow in response.

These unique and distinctive attributes are the main reason for the existence of Bitcoin Cash. Otherwise, Bitcoin gained popularity just after its formation.

What makes Bitcoin Cash a game-changer?

  • Bitcoin Cash has completely resolved the issue of scalability as the block size limit has been increased i.e. from 1 MB to 8 MB.
  • The proof-of-work algorithm provides the flexibility to the users and permits the user to adjust from the original Bitcoin chain as they wish to.
  • Bitcoin Cash has nothing to do with political and any kind of social attacks. It is resistant to these attacks.
  • There are multiple players involved i.e. developers. So, one group can’t control its administration.
  • The user-base of Bitcoin Cash is very broad due to startups companies, as well as financial institutions adopting this payment method. It is the leading virtual currency in the financial world.
  • Transactions have been more efficient and reliable on Bitcoin Cash platform. The transactions can be executed within few seconds.

What backs Bitcoin cash from being the cryptocurrency leader?

There is a lot of government procedure involved in buying the Bitcoin Cash tokens which makes it less accessible to ordinary citizens. There are more than 1300 cryptocurrencies being circulated in the economy. These many options give the user a large set of choices. It simply means there are enough competitors who can be an alternative to Bitcoin Cash. Users are also cautious about Bitcoin’s old version and Bitcoin Cash is the new version. They are suspicious that Bitcoin Cash might compromise with their fund’s security as now itfacilitates the fast and large number of transactions.

Bitcoin Cash is the prominent payment token used for transactions. It has transformed the fin tech industry and has given it a new direction. It has enabled the virtual payment method for all applications and platforms.

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